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Issue 5, 2003

Marketing the Anti-Drug Message: Media, Source and Message Credibility Interactions
This paper investigates the role of media, source and message credibility in the process of preventing/reducing drug use. An original contribution of ...
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"I Know I Like It, But How Do I Know if It's Any Good?": Quality and Preference in Wine Consumption
This study explored the relationship between quality perceptions and preferences in the context of wine consumption. Interviews were conducted with Au ...
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Older Consumers' Expectations of their Service Providers
This study reports the results of a study undertaken by the Positive Ageing Foundation of Australia and the Western Australia Department for Community ...
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Exploring the Buying Behaviour of “Good” and “Bad” Gambling Products
Betting on Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs, slots, fruit machines, pokies) is portrayed as being a highly addictive form of entertainment, and is oft ...
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