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Issue 19, 2011 - Transformative Consumer Research Special Issue

Author(s): Brennan Davis and Connie Pechmann
Introduction to the Special Issue on Transformative Consumer Research for the Journal of Research for Consumers 
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Author(s): Aditi Grover, Michael A. Kamins, Ingrid M. Martin, Scott Davis, Kelly Haws, Ann M. Mirabito, Sayantani Mukherjee, Dante Pirouz, and Justine Rapp 
From Use to Abuse: When Everyday Consumption Behaviours Morph into Addictive Consumption Behaviours
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Author(s): Melissa G. Bublitz, Laura A. Peracchio, Alan R. Andreasen, Jeremy Kees, Blair Kidwell, Elizabeth Gelfand Miller, Carol M. Motley, Paula C. Peter, Priyali Rajagopal, Maura L. Scott, and Beth Vallen   
 The Quest for Eating Right: Advancing Food Well-Being 
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Author(s): Nancy Wong, L.J. Shrum, Farrah Arif, Sunaina Chugani, Alexander Gunz, Tina M. Lowrey, Agnes Nairn, Mario Pandelaere, Spencer M. Ross, Ayalla Ruvio, Kristin Scott, and Jill Sundie 
Rethinking Materialism: A Process View and Some Transformative Consumer Research Implications 
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Author(s): Julie Ozanne, Simone Pettigrew, David Crockett, A Fuat Firat, Hilary Downey, and Melanie Pescud
The Practice of Transformative Consumer Research: Some Issues and Suggestions
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Author(s): Amanda J. Broderick, Catherine Demangeot, Natalie Ross Adkins, Nakeisha S. Ferguson, Geraldine Rose Henderson, Guillaume Johnson, Eva Kipnis, James M. Mandiberg, Rene Dentiste Mueller, Chris Pullig, Abhijit Roy, and Miguel Angel Zuniga  
Consumer Empowerment in Multicultural Marketplaces: Navigating Multicultural Identities to Reduce Consumer Vulnerability 
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Author(s): Christopher P. Blocker, Julie A. Ruth, Srinivas Sridharan, Colin Beckwith, Ahmet Ekici, Martina Goudi-Hutton, Jose Antonio Rosa, Bige Saatcioglu, Debabrata Talukdar, Carlos Trujillo, and Rohit Varmin
Applying a Transformative Consumer Research Lens to Understanding and Alleviating Poverty 
| Full Article

Author(s): Michael Luchs, Rebecca Walker Naylor, Randall L. Rose, Jesse R. Catlin, Roland Gau, Sommer Kapitan, Jenny Mish, Lucie Ozanne, Marcus Phipps, Bonnie Simpson, Saroja Subrahmanyan, and Todd Weaver 
Toward a Sustainable Marketplace: Expanding Options and Benefits for Consumers 
| Full Article

Author(s): Mark S. Rosenbaum, Canan Corus, Amy L. Ostrom, Laurel Anderson, Raymond P. Fisk, Andrew S. Gallan, Mario Giraldo, Martin Mende, Mark Mulder, Steven W. Rayburn, Kunio Shirahada, and Jerome D. Williams 
Conceptualization and Aspirations of Transformative Service Research
| Full Article

Author(s): Marlys J. Mason, John F. Tanner, Maria Piacentini, Dan Freeman, Trena Anastasia, Wided Batat, Wendy Boland, Murad Canbulut, Jenna Drenten, Anne Hamby, Priyamvadha Rangan, and Zhiyong Yang 
Youth and Risky Consumption: Moving Toward a Transformative Approach
| Full Article

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