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The appeal of high exposure alcohol advertisements to male and female adolescents

Robyn Ouschan*, Lynda Fielder** and Rob Donovan**

*School of Marketing, Curtin University of Technology 

**Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer Control,

Curtin University of Technology



Alcohol consumption and its related harms are a serious public health issue for many countries. Increasing evidence of alcohol advertising’s impact on underage drinking and the prevalence of adolescents’ exposure to alcohol advertisements on Australian free-to-air television, supports the need for more stringent, on-going monitoring of the a self-regulated alcohol advertising system. This study investigates gender differences with respect to adolescents’ liking of alcohol advertisements. Analysis of 25 alcohol advertisements of high exposure to an underage target market was conducted. Results show high levels of liking of alcohol advertisements among the sample with significant differences observed between males and females. These findings highlight the importance of continued monitoring of underage boys’ and girls’ exposure to alcohol advertisements and the content of elements that have specific appeal to underage male and female audiences.

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